Router eCNC ATC-KN

Router eCNC ATC + knife + cameraprice from €52 900

Small business router featuring quick tool change, camera and knife for soft material cutting. Designed to machine solid materials, especially wood and soft metals, MDF, softwood, acrylic, plexiglass and other engineering plastics. Ideal for the production of promotional articles, posters.


Category Router
Brand FineCNC
Type of work Milling / Cutting


Z Axis stroke Z (mm) 200/300
X / Y axial position accuracy (mm/m) ± 0.036
X / Y axial repeated position accuracy (mm) ± 0.05
No-load max running speed (m/min) 15
Workpiece clamping ISO30 ER32
Tool clamping ATC
Number of tools 8
Voltage AC380V/3PH/50Hz


Set of tool holders
Basic set of tools
Auto tool sensor


Wood Metal Plastic Foam Carton Leather Other


Control system Syntec
Control software
Spindle type I 9 kW HSD Italy
Spindle type II Cutting knife 360°
Spindle type III Positioning camera
Tool holder type ISO30
Spindle inverter 11 kW Fuling
Linear rails Prismatic guideways (HIWIN)
Motor and driver YASKAWA AC Servo 850W
Rack and pinion Helical rack (Wuxi)
Reducer Planetary gearbox (Shimpo)
Exhaust fan Yes
Tool cooling Yes – oil fog
Aretating pins Yes 2+3
Coverage No


X /Y Axis stroke (mm)
Working area (mm)
Machine dimensions (mm)
Gross weight (kg)
Vacuum pump type

eCNC ER32 1325

X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 2500x1260x200/300
Working area (mm) 2480x1240x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2450
Gross weight (kg) 1500
Vacuum pump type 7.5 kW Suchá JQT

eCNC ER32 1530

X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 3100x1570x200/300
Working area (mm) 3080x1550x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2950
Gross weight (kg) 1700
Vacuum pump type 7.5 kW dry JQT

eCNC ER32 2030

X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 3100x2100x200/300
Working area (mm) 3080x2050x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 2700 x 3800 x 1750
Gross weight (kg) 1900
Vacuum pump type 7.5 kW dry JQT

Basic Delivery Terms

Warranty 1 year
Installation and training Yes

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