About us

Why we do what we do?

WE are a group of professionals who have been enchanted by the world of CNC machines.


WE are engaged in serial and piece production of any type of components or products according to the customer´s wishes. We have the most modern production machinery.

Enter the production demand


We offer CNC machines that cover the individual needs of each client. We are the exclusive and authorized dealer of the renowned SENFENG and PRATIC brand, in Slovakia. In addition to sales, we also provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Automation and modern technologies will ensure you perfect series production and save your time.

We focuse on the individual needs of each client. We believe that by choosing the right technology for you and incorporating it into your production, we will help you start or improve your business.

Colab offers an understanding of your individual needs, tailor-made customer support, state- of-the art technology and reliable service. We bring you the best value for money – products and services on the market!

Machines offer

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