About us


  • Now it’s time to shape the future
  • Machines are here to give people time and freedom to create
  • We bring solutions to your obstacles and challenges
  • We care about traditional and family businesses
  • Collaboration and equal opportunities is our mantra
  • We help next generations of ambitious individuals to stay and follow their ancestors’ vision

Welcome to our Colab world

Our vision

We live in the most exciting time of exponential growth and technological progress, but with uncertain future. Many feel that the world has somehow forgotten the most vulnerable – small and medium-sized businesses and tradesmen. People have always been, are and will be one of the main pillars of the economy.

Automation technology will liberate proactive people from repetitive and monotonous tasks, giving them the most precious assets – freedom and time.

We at Colab believe that selection of the right technology and its smooth integration into production will help family businesses and traditional craftsmen. This will ultimately lead us together to the path of long-term prosperity and sustainability.

Focusing on what is really important for every individual colab member, we will help to leverage local traditional family craftsmen and businesses, build clusters and hubs, where communities may help each other to push the boundaries of cooperation further and thus make the human connection in the future tech world even more important than ever

Our Mission

We will be encouraging aware makers and businesses to step on the pulse of change. Active understanding of their individual needs, tailored support and the best value for money machinery are the entry points of market penetration.

Shared production capacities, remote telemetry, data analytics and DaaS will accelerate the adoption of our technology and services to the mass market and helps everyone from sole traders to large companies to invest and share their assets in open blockchain based production platform of the future.

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  • We understand your needs
  • One stop shop, all under one umbrella
  • Long term partnership
  • Transparently and with the respect to individuality

    Three preconditions of success

  • Social responsibility Where state fails private sector kicks in
  • Social need and market demand To support the paradigm shift with collaboration, creativity and competence among all industries
  • Need for the change, deeds not words We teamed up to bring the desired and needed change, see who we are and where the Colab idea comes from

Where does the idea come from?

It’s already been seven long years since we have decided to earn our own livings. Six fellow students, large portion of courage and passion to change the world, we established our first R&D company e-Sense Slovakia. Looking back, after many more significant and less significant daily wins and losses, we have matured. Forged by mistakes, propelled by all well earned successes we have been moving ahead. More experienced, aware and significantly humble than years ago. And still together, working as a team and facing biggest challenge so far!

Years of practice have led us to projects and partners who have always been different, diverse and interesting. Always new beginnings and uncertain ends have taught us to act responsibly, communicate openly and think conceptually. But what helped us persevere and overcome many pitfalls was and will be a common vision and belief in community, the fact that we can do it together.

We give the very best of us to Colab. Experiences from well known startup accelerators, know-how from successful projects with leading Slovak and foreign companies and customers, or a huge portfolio of top contacts of professionals, personalities and mentors.

Along with significant investor support, we are ready to implement everything that is of the highest possible quality so that we can accept more of you, the people who want to contribute to a truly positive change and make the world of the future a better place.

The world in which cooperation is more than competition, trust is the backbone and a prerequisite for success, technologies are an efficient and affordable tool, and valuable products with soul and no excessive environmental burden are placed on the market.

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  • democratize the advanced manufacturing to everyone
  • distribute, sell, rent and share our CNC machines
  • offer long term relationship with our partners and customers
  • full service rapid prototyping services to creative industry, micro and small businesses included
  • marketplace where you can meet new partners, suppliers, community
  • offer showroom space and it’s unique capacity for rent
  • bring best value for money machinery and services on the market

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