E4-NESTING price from €65 400

Professional nesting machine suitable for automating machining processes Designed to machine solid materials, particularly wood and soft metals, MDF, PVC, softwood, artificial wood, composite materials, acrylic, plexiglass, other engineering plastics and aluminum alloys. In addition to the Other, the machine can be equipped with automatic Material loading and material removal from the machine. Ideal for automated furniture production. Pozrite si video


Category Router
Brand Excitech
Type of work Milling


Z Axis stroke Z (mm) 200/300
X / Y axial position accuracy (mm/m) ± 0.1
X / Y axial repeated position accuracy (mm) ± 0.02
No-load max running speed (m/min) 80
Workpiece clamping Vákuum, T-Slot
Tool clamping ISO30 ER32
Number of tools 8 Revolverový systém
Voltage AC380V/3PH/50Hz


Set of tool holders 10 ks
Basic set of tools
Auto tool sensor


Wood Plastic


Control system OSAI ( Italy )
Control software –  / Optional
Spindle type 9.6 kW-HSD
Drilling head 5+4 vertikál HSD Italy
Tool holder type ISO 30 ER32
Spindle inverter Delta
Linear rails Prismatic guideways (THK)
Motor and driver Servo motor (YASKAWA)
Rack and pinion Helical rack (Herion)
Reducer Planetary gearbox (Shimpo)
Exhaust fan Yes ( 5,5 kW )
Tool cooling Yes
Aretating pins Yes
Coverage Yes




X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 2500x1260x200
Working area (mm) 2440x1220x70
Machine dimensions (mm) 3150 x 1800 x 2130
Gross weight (kg) 4500
Vacuum pump type 4kW Becker (140m3/h)
Sale price €65 400


X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 3140x1600x200
Working area (mm) 3074x1550x70
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2450
Gross weight (kg) 5000
Vacuum pump type 2x4kW Becker (140m3/h)
Sale price €77 200


X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 2900x2160x200
Working area (mm) 2850x2130x70
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2950
Gross weight (kg) 6400
Vacuum pump type 2x4kW Becker (140m3/h)
Sale price €90 100

Standard Equipment

Tool magazine revolver type, 8 positions €0
9,6 kW Italian ATC Spindle type €0
Italian drilling Spindle type 5 +4 vertical tools €0
Fully covered €0
Pusher €0
Exhaust fan working area €0
Central machine lubrication €0

Available Equipment

Automatic onloading of material * €6 700*
Automatic offloading of material €6 000
Automatic product labeling + Printer GT820 €14 480
Automatic product labeling + Printer Zebra ZM400 €15 750
* Necessary to specify type of the material, thickness, weight. Additionally to describe the process of manipulation of raw material

Available Software Equipment

Cabinet Vision system ( Hexagon ) €15 000

Basic Delivery Terms

Warranty 1 year
Installation and training Yes


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