Router E3-D-ATC

Router E3-D-ATC price from €38 800

Professional CNC router for small and medium businesses Designed to machine solid materials, particularly wood and soft metals, MDF, PVC, softwood, artificial wood, composite materials, acrylic, plexiglass, other engineering plastics and aluminum alloys. The machine is equipped with locking pins for easy material clamping, ATC Spindle type, rotary hopper, loading ramp, Production take-off machined workpieces Check the video


Category Router
Brand Excitech
Type of work Milling


Z Axis stroke Z (mm) 200/300
X / Y axial position accuracy (mm/m) ± 0.1
X / Y axial repeated position accuracy (mm) ± 0.02
No-load max running speed (m/min) 45
Workpiece clamping Vákuum, T-Slot
Tool clamping ISO30 ER32
Number of tools 8 Revolverový systém
Voltage AC380V/3PH/50Hz


Set of tool holders 10 ks
Basic set of tools
Auto tool sensor


Wood Zl. Hliníka Plastic Other


Control system Syntec
Control software Unacam
Spindle type 9 kW-HSD
Tool holder type ISO 30 ER32
Spindle inverter Delta
Linear rails Prismatic guideways (THK)
Motor and driver Servo motor (YASKAWA)
Rack and pinion Helical rack (Herion)
Reducer Planetary gearbox (Shimpo)
Exhaust fan Yes ( 5,5 kW )
Tool cooling Yes
Aretating pins Yes
Coverage No




X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 2500x1260x200/300
Working area (mm) 2480x1230x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 3150 x 1800 x 2130
Gross weight (kg) 1500
Vacuum pump type 4kW Becker (140m3/h)
Sale price €38 800


X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 3100x1570x200/300
Working area (mm) 3080x1560x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2450
Gross weight (kg) 1980
Vacuum pump type 2x4kW Becker (140m3/h)
Sale price €42 500


X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 3100x2060x200/300
Working area (mm) 3080x2050x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2950
Gross weight (kg) 2300
Vacuum pump type 2x4kW Becker (140m3/h)
Sale price €48 600


X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 4030x2060x200/300
Working area (mm) 4000x2050x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 4670 x 1800 x2950
Gross weight (kg) 2800
Vacuum pump type 2x4kW Becker (140m3/h)
Sale price €55 600

Available Equipment

Extraction 3 kW €380
Extraction 5 kW €720
Central machine lubrication €550
Os Z + 100 mm €980
Pusher ( workpiece collector ) €1600
Drilling head 5 + 4 vertical tools (HSD Italy) €6000
Rotational axis D=200 mm €3200
12 Revolver magazine system €800
16 Revolver magazine system €1100
Magnetické valve control (4/6ks) €105
Italian Control system OSAI €1500

Available Software Equipment

Vectric Cut2D Pro €420
Vectric Cut3D €275
Vectric Aspire €1800

Basic Delivery Terms

Warranty 1 year
Installation and training Yes


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