PIS-CNC Axis double spindle machining center

The machine is designed for high-speed machining of aluminum alloys, brass and other soft materials. It is equipped with a double spindle, which can produce twice the amount of products. Pratic video

Basic parameters

Category / Group 3 Axis double spindle machining center
Manufacturer PRATIC
Operating system SIEMENS
Number of axes 3
Size of Worktable (mm) 2500 / 4500 / 6500 / 8500*550
Maximum table load (kg / ㎡) 1000
Working area (mm) 2500 / 4500 / 6500 / 8500*400


X-axis (mm) 2500
Y-axis (mm) 400
Z-axis (mm) 400
A-axis (mm)
B-axis (mm)
C-axis (mm)


Standard type Motorized
Rated Spindle Driven Motor Power(S1) (kW) 7.5
Max. Driven Motor Power(S6) (kW)
Rated torque(S1) (N.m) 7.3
Maximum torque(S6) S6 (N.m)
Maximum speed (rpm) 24000
Taper BT30

Tool Magazine

Type Arm Type
Capacity (pcs) 2-8T
Tool-to-tool time (s) 5

Axis Feed Rates

Rapid on X (m / min) 60
Rapid on Y (m / min) 28
Rapid on Z (m / min) 28
X/Y/Z Cutting Feed Rate (m / min) 15

Motor Power

Spindle Driven Motor (kW) 7.5
X Driven Motor (kW) 2.7
Y Driven Motor (kW) 2.7
Z Driven Motor (kW) 3.1

Lubrication and cooling

Lubrication System Automatic
Coolant System Water cooling


X-Axis Positioning Accuracy (mm) 0.05
Y-Axis Positioning Accuracy (mm) 0.02
Position accuracy Z (mm) 0.02
Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy (mm) 0.01
Y/Z-Axis Repositioning Accuracy (mm) 0.01

Mechanical Specification

Required Pneumatic Pressure (kg / cm²) 6
Machine height (mm) 2500
Covering Area (mm) 4700*3100
Machine weight (kg) 7000

Basic Terms of Delivery

Warranty 2 years
Installation and training Yes


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