Router eCNC sATC

Router eCNC sATC price from €16 000

Economical micro-router and small businesses equipped with quick tool change. Designed to machine solid materials, especially wood and soft metals, MDF, softwood, acrylic, plexiglass and other engineering plastics.


Category Router
Brand FineCNC
Type of work Milling


Z Axis stroke Z (mm) 200/300
X / Y axial position accuracy (mm/m) ± 0.1
X / Y axial repeated position accuracy (mm) ± 0.05
No-load max running speed (m/min) 15 / 25
Workpiece clamping ISO30 ER32
Tool clamping Semi-ATC
Number of tools
Voltage AC380V/3PH/50Hz


Set of tool holders
Basic set of tools
Auto tool sensor


Wood Metal Plastic Other


Control system DSP A51
Control software
Spindle type 9 kW CC Brand
Tool holder type ER32
Spindle inverter 11 kW Fuling
Linear rails Prismatic guideways (HIWIN)
Motor and driver Kyearový motor (YAKO)
Rack and pinion Helical rack (Wuxi)
Reducer Planetary gearbox (Shimpo)
Exhaust fan No
Tool cooling Optional
Aretating pins Optional
Coverage No



eCNC sATC1313

X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 1300 x 1300
Working area (mm) 1280x1280x180
Machine dimensions (mm) 3150 x 1800 x 2130
Gross weight (kg) 950
Sale price €16 000
Vacuum pump type 5.5 kW  160 m3

eCNC sATC1325

X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 2500x1260x200/300
Working area (mm) 2480x1240x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2450
Gross weight (kg) 1500
Sale price €17 600
Vacuum pump type 5.5 kW  160 m3

eCNC sATC1530

X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 3100x1570x200/300
Working area (mm) 3080x1550x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 3750 x 1800 x 2950
Gross weight (kg) 1700
Sale price €20 600
Vacuum pump type 5.5 kW  250 m3

eCNC sATC2030

X /Y Axis stroke (mm) 3100x2100x200/300
Working area (mm) 3080x2050x180/280
Machine dimensions (mm) 2700 x 3800 x 1750
Gross weight (kg) 1900
Sale price €22 000
Vacuum pump type 5.5 kW  250 m3

Available Equipment

Extraction 3 kW €380
Extraction 5 kW €720
Central machine lubrication €550
Os Z + 100 mm €450
+1x 5.5 kW pump (160 m3/h ) €1300
+1x 5,5kW pump (250 m3/h ) €2500
Aretating pins €500
Servo motor LEADSHINE €1200

Available Software Equipment

Vectric Cut2D Pro €420
Vectric Cut3D €275
Vectric Aspire €1800

Basic Delivery Terms

Warranty 1 year
Installation and training Yes

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